About us

Where We are 

We are located in Taiwan the heart of Asia also known as "Formosa - The Beautiful Island". If you never visited you have to add it to your bucket list! 

Why We Began Making Kraut

Being born and raised in Germany for over 23 years, Stefan - the founder - had been living in Taiwan since 2010. In 2015 - when his health deteriorated - he learned about the health benefits of probiotic foods firsthand and started producing and consuming his home country's century old traditional Sauerkraut made from a special recipe his grandmother passed on to him. She discovered adding one ingredient that gave her Sauerkraut the distinct fresh taste our product is so popular for. As a result in 2020 Stefan's health has never been better thanks to probiotic food as well as change of lifestyle. 

Sailors and Scurvy Disease

Back in the day, long sailing trips often would lead sailors to develop scurvy - a terrible disease of the gums. More than three times as many sailors died of scurvy than soldiers were killed in the American Civil War. Today we know that this terrible ailment, which ravaged both body and mind, was caused by chronic vitamin C deficiency. It was discovered that taking along vitamin C containing food like lemons or Sauerkraut on the ships would completely prevent people from falling ill.

Our Mission is Very Simple 

"We want to make people's lives happier by providing probiotic food so their health in return can improve."


Stefan - Founder